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How to apply Zombie Juice

A few pointers on application, but feel free to ask your artist if they want you to apply it any differently or if they think it is more effective applying it a different way, but this is what I find works very well.

This is for an area approximately the size of your whole hand (12cm x 12cm) and to be applied 90-120 minutes before the tattoo process.

  • Wash the area with soap and water and shave off any hair, this will help the gel get absorbed better

  • Put a warm/hot flannel on the area for a minute which will help open up the pores and pat dry

  • Apply around a fifth of the tube of the gel to the area and rub in thoroughly for a couple of minutes (don’t worry that it does not all absorb)

  • Now that the gel has been rubbed into the required area, place around half of the tube on the area so it is a near even spread but do not rub in – it should be a thick layer on top of the skin

  • Cover the gel with plastic wrap (saran/cling film wrap). The heat under the plastic wrap helps activate the gel. and keeps the gel form drying off. Make sure it is completely air tight. I recommend cutting the cling film a couple of centimetres larger than the area to be tattooed, place on the area and tape with surgical tape so it is air tight. I then wrap cling film around the whole area at least twice and again tape up with surgical tape

  • Leave the plastic wrap on until it is removed by the artist for the procedure

I apply it around 2 hours before the start of the tattoo, and when I take off the wrap I rub in as best as possible for a few seconds, and then wipe off the excess cream literally before you get started. Also, my artist removes the wrap as he goes along if possible as it seems to last a bit longer (if he is only lining that may not be an option).

Overall a bit of patience is required but it will be more than worth it, and DO NOT apply it too thinly as it will just not have the desired effect.

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